Dr. Mike Merrill

"A standard doctor polymath." - D.C. lobbyist

I help health care executives lead well and think clearly.

Consulting Solutions

Hospital leadership training. Do your physicians understand the degree to which their small behaviors impact their team and work environment? Do they trust and respect the people around them? When relationships are strengthened, it is easier to open a feedback channel to powerful physicians to allow them to reflect and become better leaders and better people. After all, the qualities that make a good leader are the qualities that make a good person; honesty, modesty, caring for others, and taking the long view are examples.

Rural hospital medical strategy review. What unusual aspects of your situation provide revenue opportunities? Are there untapped opportunities to collaborate with your medical staff? Are there opportunities to improve the culture of the medical staff, and hospital overall? Does you board fully appreciate your situation? What partnerships with other organizations might be useful?

"Reasonableness" assessment of value-based contracting. Are your metrics meaningful? Are reporting requirements reasonable and well-defined? Is there a reasonable chance of success? How will providers integrate this project into their workflow? Are you reasonably protected from risk? Value-based contracts provide unprecedented opportunities for revenue sharing, system reconfiguration, and quality improvement. However, they bring unnecessary risk when they are created without adequate sensitivity to clinical operations.


Leadership is Overcoming the Natural, with Joe Judge, 2022

Excerpt from audiobook (available on Audible/Amazon)

"... a framework that will change your life as a leader of people."

-- Ed Nelson, President and CEO, Whataburger

"This book is concise, full of accurate information and it is full of clinically useful pearls."

-- U.S. physician reviewer

"... poorly written ... embarassingly short."

-- U.K. reviewer

About me

Clinical Leadership: Chief Medical Officer, Brook Health. Former Chief Medical Officer, United Memorial Medical Center, Rochester Regional Health. Led the transformation of a small rural hospital, over 9 years, into being the highest quality hospital in its system, by metrics. Created and ran a coalition of 45 Western New York healthcare organizations that agreed to consensus statements on COVID-19 public health measures.

Quantitative: Claims data analytics, with a strong clinical focus, using Milliman Medinsight, Cognos, and Microsoft Access and Excel. Identified a gap in an automated claims processing system, leading to a yearly savings of 0.1% of medical spend. Assistant Clinical Professor, Epidemiology, State University of New York at Buffalo.

Qualitative: Former journalist. Writes 700 words per hour. Twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. Author, with Joe Judge, of Leadership is Overcoming the Natural.

Clinical: Board Certified in Internal Medicine. ACLS certified. Extensive experience as a hospitalist (~900 night shifts) and primary care physician. Master's degree in epidemiology.

Service: Member, Board of Health, Erie County, New York. Former Member, New York State Board of Professional Medical Conduct.